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What’s this blog about?

I’m a photographer, family man and academic. In my younger days I used to write and perform. Cultural studies, selfconsciousness and family pushed that aside. Since then I’ve been on a different journey, raising kids, working and dealing with day to day stuff. And it isn’t like that journey has ended. I’m still very busy, very happy and very focused on my work. But I also feel like it’s time to turn outwards with my creativity once more.

This blog will be do a few things for me, and hopefully for you. This is a gateway to my gallery, brenmurphy.com.au. It’s a place for my rambling about photography – among other things I’m very interested in lo-fi or “toy” cameras. It will also be a place for me to discuss and try out ideas relating to my research, which is increasingly focusing on contemporary photographic practice.

If you are interested in seeing more of my work after checking out my gallery, please visit my Flickr stream.

If you visited my Pet Cameras exhibition in Newcastle, do say hi. It was great to have such a great response, and to encounter such enthusiasm for my work, for Holgas, toy cameras and film in general.

I expect my next several posts will be taking up ideas from the photographic panel at Critical animals. Certainly the next one does…


About postdigitalblog

Lecturer in Multimedia at CQUni Wrangler of young kids @ home in Yeppoon Otherwise, photographer and digital media type.
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