I want to Photoshop for NASA!

When I was a kid, nothing excited me as much as space. I started out on a science path, but I ended up somewhere different. But now I know I have the skills NASA needs. I can Photoshop for NASA! I want to Photoshop for NASA!. I wanna be a planet ‘chopper!
It was in the news today that some very observant conspiracy – uhm — individualist – had spotted a glitch in a NASA photo of the moons Dione annd Titan. IO9 has a good report on this, where you can see the original NASA photo.
This guy played around with the brightness and clearly revealed a NASA mouse scribble. Hiding what?? I thought the best way to reveal this would be to use CS5’s HDR toning, which would really pull apart all those close tones all being rendered as shades of black to our eyes. Applying this to NASA’s image, and pulling down the saturation on irrelevant colours, we get…


HDR toning revealing the NASA photoshopping


I’m not a conspiracy theorist, and would back a quick technical kludge over an alien any time, and I’m sure that’s  what we have here.
Can you see green and red fringes that have been erased, so clumsily? NASA’s explanation for this is that these are composite images. The colour images are made up of a sequence of photos taken from a moving craft with a red, then a green, then a blue filter. What we see here is, I presume, the image information from the green and the red superimposed on the blue. What didn’t make sense to me was that the coloured fringes seem larger than the moon – but I guess of the probe was much closer to Dione than Titan and was moving away as it took the successive shots, so we’d expect this.
NASA – I can do better! I can Photoshop better than this – I mean, just look at any of my alleged “sunset” photos…
Give me a call NASA. I’m the man to Photoshop your planetscapes. If you don’t give me a call, I’ll reveal to the world that it is really a Holga camera on the Opportunity Mars rover…

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