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Whirlwind tour of the Pentax 67 medium format camera

At the last <a href=”“&gt; Saturday Safari </a> (a social get together/ photoshoot) I was lucky enough to run a roll through a beautiful Pentax 67. It was a great experience, although circumstances necessitated I had too shoot the roll … Continue reading

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A texture game (and some free textures)

I’m very interested in textures. I don’t tend to use them in my digital photography. As for my analogue photography – on the one hand I’m a purist, preferring warts (streaks, dust, cat hairs, light leaks) and all. But maybe … Continue reading

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Holga at the festival

For a blog that purports to be about analogue photography in a digital world, I haven’t had a lot to say about film photography yet. Well, I’ll start to remedy that by talking a little about my favourite camera, the … Continue reading

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