On the road

A wall of stormcloud

Postdigital Photo Blog is on the road!

I’m on holidays, which for the moment means I have the opportunity to write this blog quite freely, but not much chance to take photos.

Ironically, because I had to be somewhere talking about photogrphy, there just aren’t enough days between now and Christmas day for this trip to be the leisurely photo safari I’d envisaged. So far, it’s just one quick phone snap.

Certainly there won’t be much film based work here for a while.

In my part of Australia – as in nearly all parts – we’ve been in drought for years, but this drought has been broken spectacularly. Today I saw so many photographs, but could stop to take none of them. Windmills in seas of floodwater, once-dead trees sprouting profuse vertical shooots. And rolling emerald-green hills shadow-striped and cow-dappled. I  think I could have convincingly blogged a report from Ireland today. It’s a change from the pale straw of summer we’ve grown so accustomed to.

Barthes suggests that a really good photo is at its best when it is not being looked at, but is being remembered. Maybe I can remember not being able to take these photos, and they’ll be really good.

The photo above is a wall of strom cloud bounding the South East of Queensland today. Things were pretty rough. Thanks to the endless delays due to roadworks repairing the damage from the recent extreme rain (I’ve driven 800km of intermittently damaged roads in 48 hours) we didn’t quite make our planned stop – this was as close as we got, except for a brush with soome heavy rain annd just two plinks oof hail on the car.

For once it was good to be behind schedule.



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3 Responses to On the road

  1. gaby says:

    we had the most amazing sunset yesterday after a sunny day. no rain since Sunday which made anna say “I used to love the old days when it didnt rain”.

    I was with friends so I couldnt take photos (although I saw yesterdays sunset, with a magic yellow light that was glowing).

    Be safe, and enjoy the trip. and use your iphone, I always wanted to go to Ireland.

  2. Bren Murphy says:

    Hi Gaby, so did I! I’ve even got a can of murphy’s Stout in the car in thhe box of mixed beers for Alice’s sister’s 50th. Maybe I should drink it before the green wears off.

    If it is photogenic around Coonabarrabran I’m going too stay ann extra day and shoot.

    In the post i put up tonight i should have mentioned that the Ibis where I am tonight has these beautiful BW shots of the brisbane river and Moreton Bay scenes. Sean said they looked like my photos, which made me happy.

    Art gallery tomorrow, then back to the country…

    Do you know the (smog) song about having to leave the country? You’d posssibly like it.

  3. gaby says:

    I had to leave the country
    Though there was some nice folk there
    Now I don’t know where I’m going
    All I know is I’ll hit the ground running

    Only cowboys and southern gentlemen
    Betting women that will never mend
    They ride the roads as they bend
    As they bend to their dead ends

    I love that song…

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