Hello world

Well, hello tiny little pocket of the world that likes dropping by here. In a long period of inactivity, I’m surprised at just how much traffic the site has had. Very soon, this place will be thoroughly spring cleaned, and for the duration of the summer there’ll be new stuff to look at or read coming in fast.

Since last posting, I’ve wound up the courage to tackle the large format camera I have bean loaned. I won a polaroid, which has cruelly addicted me to the wonderfully flakey Impossible Project SX-70 Film. Florian Kaps, if you’re reading, I’d be happy to review your company’s instant film. Just sennd me some boxes!

I’ve held another exhibition, and I think I’m doing things that are a little better than I was a year ago.

The image below is not an improvement on anything. It is a scan from a very damaged looking roll I shot last year, when the blog was in full swing. It is possibly the ultimate Holga novelty cliche. If anyone knows where this is (in NSW or VIC) please jog my memory. It was a big trip!

It came from another roll

It came from another roll.

Earlier in the year I had an exhibition at the Conservatorium of Music in Mackay. I had a morning in the city, which I know well, to wander about with my Holga. This roll managed to survive wiithout being developed or destroyed by my toddler for six months. I recently developed it in Rodinal, and selected these two contiguous frame as a diptych that works mainly on stylistic and textural contrast.

light and dark

Well, it’s a little hard to see the point behind this post. I’m going through the motions, something you have to do before a sprint. And this will be the summmer of large format photography, a more professionally designed blog and lots more posts, that are hopefully even going to be about something. So I hope you keep an eye on this page, which will be changing very much, very soon.


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Lecturer in Multimedia at CQUni Wrangler of young kids @ home in Yeppoon Otherwise, photographer and digital media type.
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4 Responses to Hello world

    • Bren Murphy says:

      Thanks Dave 🙂 Good to be back. Will be even better when I have those last few jobs clear before i can really sink my teeth into this. So nice to have such a prompt reply!

  1. ramoncito17 says:

    Hi Bren! Thanks for dropping by holdeeeeat.com! I to went on hibernation for a few months but had a pleasesantly surprising realization that some people were still dropping by despite my blog being dormant again. I like the pictures that you are posting, I used the Holga a lot in the past and like the type of pictures it produces. I am glad to share your interest in the 120 images. Regards,

    • Thanks Ramon, I’m picking up from a slow period too, and trying to build this blog up. When I get around to restructuring it properly, I’ll put a link to your travel photo blog. Like your style.

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