Sunday Best: Cheridan Chard

This is the first in a near-weekly series in which I will be showcasing some excellent photographers active on Flickr. In most cases I won’t know anything about the context for these works. I hope I can share some of the enthusiasm I have these photographers’ work by talking a little about how I respond to them.

This week, I’m sharing a few of Cheridan Chard’s photos. Cheridan is a photographer based in Newcastle who has an exceptional and unique eye. I associate Cheridan’s work with earthy tones wrought form an urban landscape, and with a poetry of line and shadow in the built environment. If you explore her Flickr stream you will see a lot of this.

Cheridan also has a wonderful flair for capturing the human form in a passing moment, and remediating other media forms.

after the rush

After the Rush

This image is a good place to start. Many of Cheridan’s skills are on show hear. The textures and colours are soft and flowing, yet there are strong lines and shadows, making this quite a sharp composition.

post "mad square exhibition"

Post “Mad Square Exhibition”

Simplicity, scale, shadow  and  just a touch of skew. This is  what I mean when I say an exceptional eye.
elsa came to town

Elsa came to town

I just love Cheridan’s use of shadow to create sharp, dense shapes that are contrasted with more organic textures. The angle of the  shadows on the right of the chairs to pick up the dimpled texture is fantastic. Many of her observations of Newcastle are taken with the sun in a high position. Strong shadows are not something that obscures the subject, they are the subject in many cases.
a space oddity

A space oddity

So much light, such strongly angled shadows and a figure caught mid-stride. Some postprocessing here emphasises the compositional elements over detail. The pose and the space tell us all we need to feel about this individual. Did you know blank yellow walls can have a mood?

industrial strength

Industrial Strength

Such a simple image, but such a strong concept and so carefully composed. Again, Cheridan’s eye for colour and texture is on strong display here. It strikes me that there’s a hint of Spirit and Opportunity’s Mars landscapes in  this, but that’s by the by.

You can check out more of Cheridan Chard’s work here.


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3 Responses to Sunday Best: Cheridan Chard

  1. gaby says:

    ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh she is a quirky goddess

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