From 120 film to Photoshop pixels: a video

Holga photo of a fishing shack


How much trickery goes into your typical vignetted, grungy Holga shot? In this case not much. I’ve recorded a video showing how I take this from 120 film to something I can work with digitally. In future posts I’ll pick images that are more problematic in the first place. Hope you enjoy.


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Lecturer in Multimedia at CQUni Wrangler of young kids @ home in Yeppoon Otherwise, photographer and digital media type.
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4 Responses to From 120 film to Photoshop pixels: a video

  1. Dave says:

    A good anti static dust cloth like this from B&H is your friend for scanning Holga stuff!

    I love using Lightroom with my Holga stuff instead of Photoshop

    • I’ll have to invest in one. I’m usually so impatient that I scan them as soon as they’re dry. I actually like the dust in this one though. A lot of people tell me that about Lightroom. I’m just a creature of habit 🙂 (and dust).

  2. Nice video. You might want to try Lightroom. Can do all of this work and never effect your original scan. For some LR resources, look here:

    BTW, enjoy the warm weather and bright days in Oz.

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