That time of year

palm fronds over pool water

feeling relaxed yet?

It’s that time of year again. As we near Christmas, and most of us of near holidays, the air soups up with humidity, the clock seems to stretch and we all start to see ourselves in a hammock, by a pool, under a palm tree. Not doing whatever it is we are supposed to be doing. Nearly there, everyone.

In Central Queensland this time of year is also quite magical. It’s hot, but not yet overpoweringly so. In the evening the moisture-heavy air carries the scent of so many flowering trees that are remnants of the British Empire. Peltophorums, poincianas, frangipani and a hint of the sea, at least here in Yeppoon. And if there is rain around, the skys are heavy with dark tatters of cloud.

Palms my be overused icons of summer, but they still seem to signify this time of year to me. I guess this is strange for someone who lives with palm leaves around him all times of the the year. The two photos above are from my verandah. So is this one:

suburban view

While on the topic of palms, I have to mention the Frons series, by the very talented Ashley Holmes – linkwize on Flickr, who has crafted a series of superb abstracts from palms, gingers and helliconias.

Frons 22 by Ashley Holmes (linkwize)

I think part of the soothing qualitiy of images of foliage is the shade that they show, or that they imply. In a hot tropical climate, the shadows of the undergrowth are cool and moist. That is the feeling I associate with images like the two below, which I took with the Instagram app on my smartphone in Mackay’s botanic gardens.

frond 1

tropical foliage

In Australia, of course, we don’t have a White Christmas. In the holidays held in the heat of summer, we flock to water. To the beach.

beachlife 2 (by Alice)

(photo by Alice Edwards)

What sort of images do you associate with this time of year? Please post some links in the comments. It’s always great to see other people’s angles.


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3 Responses to That time of year

  1. Eric says:

    Here’s a summery image from last summer… We don’t have many palm trees here in Minnesota. These were from Florida.

  2. ceciliag says:

    I really really miss the beach in summer, being a NZer in the US Midwest at christmas.. all that white christmas stuff is not what it is cracked up to be!! c

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