My first steps with Holga

I have worn out my first Holga. I took it along to my father-in-law’s 80th birthday celebrtion and I couldn’t depress the shutter lever. RIP plastic brick with “optical lens”.

I thought it might be interesting (and let’s face it, quick and easy – it is the holidays) to show you some of my first Holga efforts. I think they are as good, or slightly better, than my more recent Holga work.

That’s a worry.


forgotten place

Forgotten Place

Near where I live is an inlet called Figtree Creek. Among the mangroves are creaky wooden jetties, many in use, some long abandoned. It has been continually used by fishermen for 100 years. It was also the place where the Keppel Island people were removed to, and from where so many of them met their eventual demise. It’s got quite a chequered history, but is a fascinating and beautiful place, in its own way.

I like the way that this image is as filmically raveged as the subject is by time.



The other end of the spectrum, the shiny, stainless steel, cement and rope tones of the Marina, home to mostly recreational craft. Something odd happened here while scanning the film. I haven’t been able to replicate this colourful striping, worse luck.



This is from my first ever roll! Before I could scan or develop my film, I would take the rolls to the local variety store to develop, and then scan the prints. 35mm film in a 120 Holga means odd frame sizes that the Big W machine can’t handle, so it was always pot luck how the content was framed. This one worked. I was using one of the kooky prismatic Holga filters. Great effect, if used very sparingly. (I think I lost it.)


More crazy Big W autocolllaging!

Cubist guide to Rosslyn Bay

And  this is from my first redscaled roll. I tried to create a surrealistic montage of images from around  the Harbour. I succeeded. This iis one of my most viewed Flickr images. Just because it’s peculiar.

Anyone else got some Holga baby-steps to share?


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