Crikey! postdigitalblog holiday edition 1

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(Special Holiday blog. Less words in more space!)

I’m on holiday, traveling with my D7000, my SX-70, my Black Slim Devil, my Lubitel… oh, and of course my family.

Today the whole family went off to Australia Zoo. I am no fan of celebrity and spectacle, but  by the time I had left the Zoo, I was felt pretty positive about Australia Zoo, the Irwins, the whole kit and kaboodle.

What I liked was that throughout the park and the events was a matter-of-fact, compassionate conservation message. This message was much stronger than the echoes of “Crikey” echoing through the park. Sure, I’m dubious abut the corporate marketing of “Bindi!!” (lots of Disneyesque typographical variations, every new attraction labelled “Bindi’s…”), but seeing her and her family in action you can’t help but admire how the schtick they must perform ad nauseum remains fresh sounding, and focused on an ethos of conservation.

So, without any further rabbitting, here are some photos from the Zoo:

You did WHAT?!



real shaows on artificial rocks

repythulated ticlon

Nigerian untermongoose

(to be continued…)


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4 Responses to Crikey! postdigitalblog holiday edition 1

  1. gaby says:

    when we went there last year I had the same “omg, im going to hate every minute” feeling, specially because I was not a fan of the dad, but the visit changed my mind completely. It is by far the best theme park i’ve been and the one on one visit with the jiraffe’s (together with the dolphin’s at sea world my two big loves) was brilliant.

    enjoy your holidays. have fun and take more photos as great as these ones.

    (the otters are hilarious!)

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