Sunday Best: Gaby Vicent

(As always, these images link back to the artist’s Flickrstream, and I really want you to follow these links, explore the artists larger body of work, and leave some comments!)

Gaby Vicent’s work is often dreamlike, mixing silhoutte and texture. The first image I have selected is in some ways not a typical image – not that any photographer really has typical images – but it is immediately recognisable as a Gaby photo:


Universe, Gaby Vicente

There’s a sense of separation here – we are witnessing something that we can identify, but maybe we can’t tell why it is important. Maybe it is not quite real, but what somebody wants to see. Regardless, it is a very elegant rendering that balances form an\nd texture, detail and light in a way that is typically Gaby.


Rydges, Gaby Vicent

I think that Gaby has a very unique touch with the camera, and her ability to capture or create a feeling with composition and observation is wat makes her work great. She is also very good with postproduction. This is such an arresting and beautiful composite image. Or should I say faux-composite?

things that come with the floods (4)

Things that come with the flood (4), Gaby Vicent

Water and reflection feature heavily in Gaby’s work. Here they combine with brilliant skills of observation to produce something very poignant – an image of one of Rockhampton’s landmark heritage buildings reflected in the Fitzroy floodwaters.


Salinity, Gaby Vicent

Gaby understands the use of scale in composition far better than I do. Gaby’s landscape shots are simple and expansive.

Hair, Gaby Vicent

I’ll close with a shot that mixes a lot of Gaby’s themes. There is sunset, silhouette, texture and unexpected detail revealed through her unique observation. I think this is a superb image. But then so are the others. And these. Do explore.

I’m sure Gaby will read this, so please add your comments. How do these photos work for you?


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5 Responses to Sunday Best: Gaby Vicent

  1. gaby says:

    firstly I need to thank you for this.
    as i said to you in a message, seeing this explained like you explain it is overwhelming, meaning, i do not take myself seriously at all. i do what I want, when i want, and without putting too much thought in it.

    i was talking to susan (bunch of dogs & her!) not long ago and I was trying to explain that I do not create, like many of you do (she is great at organizing tables full of life) i just take what it is offered and sometimes adapt it a bit to what I want to remember (with textures added, sometimes, or with cropping or just turning it to black and white others).

    of your selection, i like the remarkable difference between one photo and the other. like in the moods we have, or the weather. I like doing different things. even when you may see a connection or hint of me in all.

    photography is a world for everyone. creative and not, professionals or amateurs. thats its beauty. even if does not have to mean anything to anyone other than you. after all, they are your experiences translated into images.

    again, thank you very very much

  2. kerryl29 says:

    These images work very well for me. I’m especially fond of the pano landscape second from the bottom.

  3. Sadia Adnan says:

    It good work

  4. yi-ching lin says:

    wow, the last photo is gorgeous!!

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