SOPA Aaaaargh!

Wikipedia is going black and silent for a day to protest the  SOPA legislation. Yay Jimmy. I’ll never complain about your sad puppy-dog face asking for donations again!

Time allowing, I would write about SOPA. But it doesn’t so I won’t. Suffice to say that it is an interesting symptom of 20C law fraying in the face of 21C technology. Or maybe it will be a case of the primary power of the  corporation in 21C, as it weaves a defensive shield from the golden threads of pre-21C law.

Either way, I digress, ramble etc. Isn’t this supposed to be a photo blog?

Yes it is! And I’m doing two things to show my non-solidarity with SOPA  and the interest behind it.

Firstly, since Wiki is urging a turn to black to protest, and this page usually is black, I’ve joined in by being temporarily non-black.

Secondly, I’ve collated a few white photos, or photos of  white things, which I’ll post below.

If anyone wants to call Guinness World Records to alert them to this being the palest, most luke-warm protest against anything ever, just call  +44 (0)20 7891 4567.


A white anti-SOPA facade

random meeting 2

An image containing a lot of white and a cryptic message, the genesis of which I forget, but which may as well now be a cryptic anti-SOPA comment,


What my white cat thinks of SOPA


a white gull and a white boat


Cumulus/pine black and white

White clouds, representing the absence of SOPA


A solid focal point of hard rock in a sea of white-positive anti-SOPA space.


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Lecturer in Multimedia at CQUni Wrangler of young kids @ home in Yeppoon Otherwise, photographer and digital media type.
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One Response to SOPA Aaaaargh!

  1. gaby says:

    We are doomed… i was checking the on line dictionary of slang this morning and is full of
    To resolve Google’s penalty against this site, the following citation has been removed: “Warring Factions”, Peep Show (TV), Season 1 Episode 1 (2003)

    sopa is soup in spanish.

    our grandmothers have a saying, “si no te gusta la sopa, pues dos platos” that translates as “if you do not like soup, then you will have two servings”.

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