Weekly Wednesay Flickr roundup

Here is a selection of some great recent images from my Flickr contacts.

Please take the time to click through to the original images on Flickr, explore their work and leave some feedback. Photographers like that.

wishing colours again
Peter Grahlmann, Wishing colors again

I’m ambivalent about the use of textures and overlays. It has become a bit of a cliche, but here it is applied with purpose, layering autumn colours on to the bleak winter scenery. A very delicate result.

oare marshes #4Chris Friel, Oare Marshes

Another sublime result from Chris. This seems to be incorporating the distortion of the wide-angle lens into the composition. Or is it all (literally) sleight of hand?

haunted by waters
.blue.algae, Haunted Waters

Another example of beautiful, purposeful layering. If you click, you can read all about it and make more  sense out of it. I’m not going to click because I really enjoy the writing as pure filigree texture.


363/365 - A Reverence of Colors
Alex Stoen, A Reverence of Colors

Look at the colour palette here. So simple, as if a designer had set it up in Illustrator, Also, this is a shot I think I’ve been aiming for many times with helliconia flowers, and have never reached this simplicity, this purity of shape and colour.

jupiter rising in the south west
Bob Davis, Jupiter rising in the south west

1. SCALE is wonderful when used correctly

2. The light of a planet, a pure point, a natural untouched object / smog.city.smoke.stack

Gaby Vicent, Universe.

Hyperdancer. This brings to mind the Beckett story of the old lady, the young woman and the little girl, walking together through desolate spaces. And they were all the one person.


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5 Responses to Weekly Wednesay Flickr roundup

  1. eremophila says:

    Another really interesting group of images, showing me things I’d not usually see. thanks.

  2. Anonymous says:

    thank you for the inclusion, I’m honoured

  3. gvicentaby says:

    third time i type comment and I dont know why im loosing them

    chris’ photo and jupiter rising are just stunning. I saw c.F.’s when he posted it in flickr a couple of days ago. i loved it then, i love it now. jupiter rising is really close to the type of composition i sometime love. that minimal nothing somewhere in the frame. but they are all amazing and being in the selection is an honor.
    thank you so much brendan.

  4. gaby says:

    gvicentaby? … ayy… this is so weird

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