catching the King Tide

Growing up in Central Queensland, and enjoying long, seemingly endless beach holidays was wonderful. I was very in tune with the tide, with the relationship between king tides, tropical lows, wind and rain direction. At least, I thought it was. Which would have felt just the time.

This year, still living in the same coastal town, but with kids of my own, the school holidays seem short, rushed and difficult. On the last day of my kids’ holiday, friends on Facebook pointed out this page to me. The King tide was tomorrow. Right when my kids start their new school year, and when my eldest began her first day of school, the waters would peak at 4.5 metres.

I thought I’d miss this entirely, but I had my phone, and enough time to stop at exactly the peak of the tide to snap some images from the main steps down to Yeppoon Main Beach.

man bodysurfing by the main Yeppoon steps on the King Tide

Surfing the king

man bodysurfing by the main Yeppoon steps on the King Tide


The main steps to Yeppoon Beach on the king tide


instagram iphone imag: king tide wave crash Yeppoon

King Splash

So here are a few very ordinary photos, a few moments stolen to record something that I once would have lived and breathed.  The bodysurfer you see in two of the shots would have been about the same age as me. It seems to me that I have lost something, over the years, that he has not.

Next year, School and work schedules allowing, we’ll all have a day’s holiday on the day of the king tide. I’ll photograph it from peak to trough. I’ll have salt crystals in my hair by the end of the day.


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Lecturer in Multimedia at CQUni Wrangler of young kids @ home in Yeppoon Otherwise, photographer and digital media type.
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3 Responses to catching the King Tide

  1. ceciliag says:

    I do remember those huge seas. Now I live in the mid west, entirely land locked, after having grown up that close to the beach. We would watch the tides come and go and know exactly where they would be tomorrow.. I understand what you write completely.. c

  2. eremophila says:

    That last sentence speaks volumes 🙂

  3. gaby says:

    2 years ago we were spending the week end at the beach and went for breakfast to yeppoon main beach to find this

    that was the king tide coinciding with a massive earthquake in chile that we know nothing about.
    a girls was talking to her grandmother saying “there is a salami coming,! there is a salami coming!”
    doug and I had no idea what she was talking about until later, that we were walking at the beach and the ses took as out informing about the tsunami warning.
    love the photos.
    and you can have all the salt in your hair you want.
    tomorrow or next year

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