Weekly Wednesday Wrap-up: top picks from my Flickr contacts

Here is a selection of interesting recent photographs from my Flickr contacts. If you like any of these photos, please click through to see them in their context on Flickr, and leave some feedback there for the artist. I am not hosting these images or making any claim to them – I’m just using the Flickr “share” functionality to re-present them here.

bass rock from north berwick

Wytchwood, Bass Rock north from Berwick

I like the simple geometry here, and the overall cool feel. It looks a bit too cold for a swim.

#0783 plaça del gas (BCN)

Jesus Joglar, #0783 plaça del gas (BCN)

If you are interested in pinhole cameras, as Jesus Joglar obviously is, you must check out 8banners! This shot was taken on with an 8banners pinhole camera on 120 film, and it looks it. This is just a beautiful use of the wide panorama and the serious vignette. It suits the subject so well.

[Interested in pinhole? Scared of film? Got a DSLR?

-buy a body cap.

-Drill a small hole in it.

-Tape some silver foil over the hole.

-Put a pinprick in the silver foil.

Congratulations, you have a new lens! Screw it on to your camera, set it to Manual and go play.]

Il neigeait*

Spleen* (Nadia), Il neigeait*

I absolutely love this photo. There’s so much and yet so little going on at the same time, and I mean both of these contradictory opinions in the best possible way. The crisp, clear, black-and-white. The strong contrast that bring out the footprints. The dominance of the black regions countering what might otherwise be the business of the footprint field. The contrast between geometrical shapes at one end and an unformed area of blackness at the other. Such beautiful use of black and white.

made [reprise]

Paul |G|, Made

On Flickr Paul is a constant voice of rationality who can speak volumes so simply through the use of  the language of design. Today we see an echo of this in his photography; he is also an expressive street and candid portriat photographer. There is such warmth and humanity in this shot, even while there is melancholy. So simple and so beautiful.

Chelsea Kedron, Untitled


wild horses #8

Chris Friel, Wild Horses #8

Are you surprised that Chris Friel is in here yet again? No? I didn’t think so. Chris’ wild horse photographs are magnificent. Visit his Flickr Stream or official site to see more.

I am not sure if this is a new image, but I think there’s some postprocessing going on here, something unusual for Chris, but in this case something that really goes wiith the grain of what he is doing with the camera. Maybe he’s easing his way back to painting?

I hope you enjoyed looking at this week’s roundup. I always love to hear what you think, so please leave a comment.


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3 Responses to Weekly Wednesday Wrap-up: top picks from my Flickr contacts

  1. wytchwood says:

    Hi Bren,
    Got your message on Flickr about posting the Bass Rock image. No worries, I’m a bit flattered to be mentioned in the same breath as the great Chris Friel! That horse image is just stunning.
    All the best.

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