What should we do on Australia Day?

What is this Australia thing anyway? How do we be part of it. Aren’t we just a network of different communities? As you are taking it easy, by the beach, think about your communities, the places where you really are.

smells like community spirit.

Australiia is young and vibrant, and people in our communities come from many places. Often places of great hardship. Here, we can all relax.

hunter street thumbsup
It’s true that our national day has another, valid name that is is about dispossession. But at least we don’t have to wear ethnic costumes or silly hats. Just recognise and reflect on something obvious.
So, what else should we do on Australia Day?

Hang out by the beach?Military Jetty

Take a holiday, somewhere low key?

the park

Spend some time in the bush?
the crew

Go fishing?
the night fishers and the girl on the shore

Go for a swim?

tiny wave

(but remember, between the flags!)
the flag

Whatever you are doing, remember this. The world is an old canvas painted over many times. A facepainted flag won’t change who you are. Identity is complex and layered. Let’s not sand away the old flaking paint. Lets not keep the palette free of new colours.

It’s time we had a new flag. Here’s my suggestion, just to get the ball rolling.
…and a song, with little to do with any of this, but it is where the clever line came from.
Happy Australia Day. May your hearts be warm and welcoming beneath the green and gold warpaint. And take lots of photographs.

So, what do you thin? It would be great if you posted links to your Strayaday photos in the comments. I’d love to check them out.

Happy Australia Day everyone!


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