Pinhole Party

World Pinhole Camera Day will be celebrated around the world on April 29.

Is it a public holiday in your country? It should be. Imagine the fun and festivity. Mind you, it would have to be a very sedate festivity, if we were to capture any of using the long exposure times pinhole photography requires.

So, until the time comes when this important day is enshrined as an international holiday, it’s up to us to spread the fun.

There are many sites out there with simple instructions. Don’t forget DSLR users – you already have a pinhole camera. All you need to do us modify your camera’s body cap.

Do have a look at the official Pinhole site.

Readers in the Central Queensland region can meet me and other CQU lecturers for the event at 9.30 AM, at the botanic gardens in Mackay. In Rockhampton, I’ll be with CQU students and members of the Saturday Safari social photography group at the Rockhampton Botanical Gardens at 3.30PM, meeting at the kiosk.

And now, some pinhole photos. Let me know what you think. And let me know if you plan to do something (or if you did do something) for World Pinhole Day.

pibhole camera up the escalator