A photoclasm, a ramble and an important appeal.

I’ve grown a little tired of Holga grunge, of double exposures and happenstance. I’m just a touch weary of double exposures and silhouettes and sun spangles. I want to plan. I want to direct. I want to boss models around.

Well, that was the plan.

A few months ago I approached a local model via Model Mayhem. Being naturally a little skeptical about glamour, and not being too glamourous myself, I don’t think the model, who kindly donated her time, knew what to expect. But I did.

Carefully thought-out pinhole exposures, using the model’s movement as a brush against the landscape. Beautifully distressed Polaroid shots, using that cranky new film. Maybe even some clear, crisp, classical portraits.

This is what I got:

Strange mirror. Holga 120WPC, Rodinal, antique developing equipment.

So what happened?

My developing spool broke.

This just about drove me crazy. Then I remembered I had an old antique developing drum. I’d never used it. But surely it couldn’t work any differently, could it?.

Well. it did. And I got this crazy-beautiful result.

And I’m feeeling less lo-fi-jaded. More happenstance-happy again.

Well, that’s the photoclasm, and the ramble. What about the appeal?

Please help

I have a student who is in dire straits. He is a refugee who has sudden financial obligations and he needs help to meet them.

I have set up a temporary site, Charity Art Sale, where you can donate to this cause.

If you donate, I will send you a unique digital art work, based on the “Strange Mirror”, but individualised by subtly including visual elemments from public domain images of African culture.

Please consider passing this link on. Please consider donating. Please regard this as a heartfelt and genuine appeal, because it is.


About postdigitalblog

Lecturer in Multimedia at CQUni Wrangler of young kids @ home in Yeppoon Otherwise, photographer and digital media type.
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3 Responses to A photoclasm, a ramble and an important appeal.

  1. Good, I hate glamourous as well. Beauty in the everyday is my favorite. Unfortunately, my craft is as a freelance theater technician and fiction writer, and neither careers are producing any finances at the moment, so much so that I’m worried about making rent this month, and possibly next month’s as well. All I can do for you is repost.

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