Photos at Robe

So you’ve seen my flyer and are curious?

I am an art photographer with an interest in using antique, lo-fi and home made experimental film cameras.

I am in Robe for a few days, and keen to take some photos.

I have put a price of twenty dollars per session on the flyers. Film photography is not like digital – old format film is costly, as is the developing process. I’m just trying to cover costs.

You’ll get a medium-resolution digital image (or images) and I’m happy to print them at a normal snapshot size and post them to you.

You and I will share rights to the photos that result.

In addition.

I will be happy to sell you larger prints or the original, high-resolution film scan at cost + whatever you nominate.

Working with old style film is slow. You won’t see the results until I have arrived home from my trip, develop and process the images.

Interested? Give me a call on 0413 171 zero-eight-nine.

Here’s some examples of what I do:



PX-100 Silve Shade Polaroid of a girl

PX-100 Silve Shade Polaroid of a girl

the leap


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Lecturer in Multimedia at CQUni Wrangler of young kids @ home in Yeppoon Otherwise, photographer and digital media type.
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