Even the dogs go mad here

This is Jock, long time resident of Australia’s first opal mining town White Cliffs in remote north-western NSW. Jock offers tours of his house/dugout/mine/hoard/trove. Do not miss it if you ever have the opportunity. It is like being inside a Tom Waits song.

Jock was happy for me to photograph and film, and to put the results to any use. So here he is:

Here is one of the dugout chambers on the lower level of the mine:

Here is an old framed image he had:

Here is a lizard:
How it lived so far down I don’t know. Even though there were dozens of empty antique powdered milk tins, I don’t see there could be much fare there fit for a lizard. At first we were not even sure if it was real. It seemed soft enough at first tentative touch. To confirm, we gsve it the gentlest od pokes and it seemed to inflate and deflate slowly, so alive it was, although just how much we weren’t sure.

Jock is a kind soul who knows a lot about White Cliffs, a town with a history mixing success and failure, riches and unspeakable tragedy. A visit to Jock’s is a most singular experience. I’m sure my kids will remember it for the rest of their lives.

If ever you can, visit White Cliffs, and visit Jock’s.

But don’t stay too long, Jock warned us.

“Even the dogs go mad here.”


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