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Lecturer in Multimedia at CQUni Wrangler of young kids @ home in Yeppoon Otherwise, photographer and digital media type.

The Ambient Portraiture project

  I am beginning a new project, and I really need help. The project entails a new approach to portraiture. By using specially prepared cameras, I will be producing beautiful, semi-abstract images that mix the human form and the environment. … Continue reading

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Four photographs from Robe

Robe is beautiful place. It is like a bizarro version of my own seaside home town. Or maybe Yeppoon is a bizarre version of Robe. Either way, they’re the same basic plan but furnished to very different tastes. I’m not going … Continue reading

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Even the dogs go mad here

This is Jock, long time resident of Australia’s first opal mining town White Cliffs in remote north-western NSW. Jock offers tours of his house/dugout/mine/hoard/trove. Do not miss it if you ever have the opportunity. It is like being inside a … Continue reading

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White ochre, blue paint, empty pixels

Mutawintji National Park is one of the most beautiful places I’ve been. I was there all of forty minutes- a quick visit stolen from a long day of travelling – but the landscape and the sense of history made a … Continue reading

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Photos at Robe

So you’ve seen my flyer and are curious? I am an art photographer with an interest in using antique, lo-fi and home made experimental film cameras. I am in Robe for a few days, and keen to take some photos. … Continue reading

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I have recently traveled from Queensland to South Australia. Me and two of the kids, driving thousands of kilometers. Some time I’ll take this trip with all the time in the world, accompanied only by a photographic assistant. With kids, … Continue reading

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Hedrich Blessing goes to the beach

Hedrich Blessing is a reknowned US photographic firm, established way back in 1929. Check out their blog. I guess they finally turned their back on digital gear a couple of years ago. I was wanting an affordable f1.4 lens, and went … Continue reading

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The thread to the unknown

These images mix traditional photograpy (that is, the capturing of images of the outside world) with imagery that is totally filmic. By utilising film in three dimensional configurations within the space of a pinhole camera, these photographs demonstrate the image-making … Continue reading

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Voyages to analogue space

I have this concept that I want to explore. We used to live partly in this analogue memory space. We tried to hold on to the past with albums of prints. We’d take Polaroids to prove that things were real. But the … Continue reading

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On the beach (sand in the sprockets)

There aren’t really any sprockets if you use 120 film, of course. And I took a lot more photos with my phone than with my bright red  plastic Holga. But if there were sprocket holes in the film in the … Continue reading

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