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White ochre, blue paint, empty pixels

Mutawintji National Park is one of the most beautiful places I’ve been. I was there all of forty minutes- a quick visit stolen from a long day of travelling – but the landscape and the sense of history made a … Continue reading

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Voyages to analogue space

I have this concept that I want to explore. We used to live partly in this analogue memory space. We tried to hold on to the past with albums of prints. We’d take Polaroids to prove that things were real. But the … Continue reading

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On the beach (sand in the sprockets)

There aren’t really any sprockets if you use 120 film, of course. And I took a lot more photos with my phone than with my bright red  plastic Holga. But if there were sprocket holes in the film in the … Continue reading

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A photoclasm, a ramble and an important appeal.

I’ve grown a little tired of Holga grunge, of double exposures and happenstance. I’m just a touch weary of double exposures and silhouettes and sun spangles. I want to plan. I want to direct. I want to boss models around. … Continue reading

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Weekly Wednesay Flickr roundup

Here is a selection of some great recent images from my Flickr contacts. Please take the time to click through to the original images on Flickr, explore their work and leave some feedback. Photographers like that. Peter Grahlmann, Wishing colors … Continue reading

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Sunday Best: Gaby Vicent

(As always, these images link back to the artist’s Flickrstream, and I really want you to follow these links, explore the artists larger body of work, and leave some comments!) Gaby Vicent’s work is often dreamlike, mixing silhoutte and texture. … Continue reading

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Me. Postdigitalblog holiday edition number 2

Photo by Dan Williams Dan says that he takes good photos, but always the same photos. I think we all do, actually. But he likes it when people surprise him by sneaking some of their photos on to his camera, … Continue reading

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Mull it over: Thirteen questions, one answer and an imperative.

This gallery contains 6 photos.

Q1 Whyare the bins marked ZX? Q2 Why photograph them? Q3 Is that a palm tree? Q4 Is this a photograph? Q5 Is that a spider? Q6 Shouldn’t it be in focus? Q7 What’s with the strange light? Q8 What … Continue reading

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Photography is automatic (selling books is hard)

My new book: photography is automatic (a book of photographs for people who don’t like to think). Of course, you can buy it even if you like to think. In fact, it would be nice if you thought about buying it. … Continue reading

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Sunday best/ Happy Christmas

Hi everyone Today I’m to busy drinking eggnog/ playing with dreidls/ lighting candles, giving children educational Newtonmas toys and/or a-wassailing to take the time to produce one of those nice custom graphics for this week’s Sunday Best Siufice to say … Continue reading

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