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Hedrich Blessing goes to the beach

Hedrich Blessing is a reknowned US photographic firm, established way back in 1929. Check out their blog. I guess they finally turned their back on digital gear a couple of years ago. I was wanting an affordable f1.4 lens, and went … Continue reading

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Voyages to analogue space

I have this concept that I want to explore. We used to live partly in this analogue memory space. We tried to hold on to the past with albums of prints. We’d take Polaroids to prove that things were real. But the … Continue reading

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Add mystery to the mundane (with Rodinal and grain)

Bzzt. Creak. Klunk. The blog is coming back to life, it seems. It’s just getting its web legs back, so I’d better not push it too far… Here are five photographs. There were all taken with lo-fi film cameras (Holga, … Continue reading

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My first steps with Holga

I have worn out my first Holga. I took it along to my father-in-law’s 80th birthday celebrtion and I couldn’t depress the shutter lever. RIP plastic brick with “optical lens”. I thought it might be interesting (and let’s face it, … Continue reading

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How to photograph nothing, without really trying

Did you know you can follow me on Twitter? @postdigitalblog. Did you know you can follow me (and see a stream of great images that I find) at Did you know that you can like me on Facebook? Doing … Continue reading

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Mount Archer Safari: Black and White Film

Today was a special day. A Saturday Safari to Mount Archer, a beautiful, cool and peaceful place overlookinng the city of Rockhampton. “What’s a Saturday Safari?” you ask. Well, it looks a little like this, but somewhat bigger: The Safari … Continue reading

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From 120 film to Photoshop pixels: a video

How much trickery goes into your typical vignetted, grungy Holga shot? In this case not much. I’ve recorded a video showing how I take this from 120 film to something I can work with digitally. In future posts I’ll pick … Continue reading

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Black and white and a shot of espresso: Caffenol

One night, flicking through the channels (for a change, instead of flicking through Flickr), I saw a strange episode of Mythbusters. The gingery guy and the walrussy guy were in a room, and had to solve all these odd problems … Continue reading

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Polaroid Lives!

For a long time, I’ve wanted to try Polaroid. I should say “again”; I’m sure that I must have used a polaroid as a kid. Thanks to LoFiCo, I now have one. A basic rainbow-emblazoned point and shoot SX-70. As … Continue reading

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