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From 120 film to Photoshop pixels: a video

How much trickery goes into your typical vignetted, grungy Holga shot? In this case not much. I’ve recorded a video showing how I take this from 120 film to something I can work with digitally. In future posts I’ll pick … Continue reading

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Black and white and a shot of espresso: Caffenol

One night, flicking through the channels (for a change, instead of flicking through Flickr), I saw a strange episode of Mythbusters. The gingery guy and the walrussy guy were in a room, and had to solve all these odd problems … Continue reading

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Painting with iPhone 4 HDR

Like many of Steve Jobs’ drones, I upgraded to an iPhone 4 when my phone contract ran out last year. I really like my phone, and I bought a cheap android tablet too, so I don’t feel too uncool about … Continue reading

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