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From 120 film to Photoshop pixels: a video

How much trickery goes into your typical vignetted, grungy Holga shot? In this case not much. I’ve recorded a video showing how I take this from 120 film to something I can work with digitally. In future posts I’ll pick … Continue reading

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Vanilla digital: proud parents at the end of school

This is a high-falutin blog, right? For sophisiticated people. Hipstas and kneesters and the like. People like you. None of those snapshots of the kids at graduation day here, Never, Well, not as much. It is very rare that I … Continue reading

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Black and white and a shot of espresso: Caffenol

One night, flicking through the channels (for a change, instead of flicking through Flickr), I saw a strange episode of Mythbusters. The gingery guy and the walrussy guy were in a room, and had to solve all these odd problems … Continue reading

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